Altair® Panopticon


Excel Workbook

Panopticon Real Time provides the functionality to export a Panopticon workbook as an Excel workbook. All of the dashboards in the Panopticon workbook will be inserted into their own corresponding Excel sheet. In addition, all of the visualizations in the dashboard will be exported as a PNG image and inserted into an Excel sheet.

The images will be laid out as visualizations on the dashboard. However, the table visualizations will not be exported as images. The visualization tables will instead be exported as Excel tables. The Excel table will always be laid out under all of the exported visualization images.

Please note that only one table will be exported for each dashboard.

Use the following URL to download the Excel workbook from Panopticon Real Time:

q  URL: http://[server]/[path]/server/rest/media/excel


Each URL has the following properties:

q  Mandatory arguments

·         Workbook – Workbook name without an extension.

q  Optional arguments

·         Dashboard – Dashboard name(s) in the Panopticon workbook. All of the dashboards will be exported if no dashboard names are provided. The dashboard argument can be used multiple times depending on how many dashboards should be exported.

·         Width – The width of the exported dashboards. The default value is 1024px.

·         Height – The height of the exported dashboards. The default value is 768px.

·         Style – The Excel table style of an exported table. The default value is TableStyleMedium7.


The following examples show how to export an Excel workbook from a local Server. For these examples, we have used the example workbook How To Actions.

q  Generate and export Excel workbook

·         Syntax:   http://[server]/[path]/server/rest/media/excel?workbook={Workbook name}

·         Example: http://localhost:8080/panopticon/ server/rest/media/excel?workbook=How+To+Actions

q  Set dashboards

·         Syntax: http://[server]/[path]/server/rest/media/excel?workbook={Workbook name}&dashboard={Dashboard name1}&dashboard={Dashboard name2}

·         Example: http://localhost:8080/panopticon/server/rest/media/excel?workbook=How+To+Actions&dashboard=Data+Entry&Dashboard=Time+Parameters

q  Set height and width for Dashboard

·         Syntax: http://[server]/[path]/server/rest/media/excel?workbook={Workbook name}&width={value}&height={value}

·         Example: http://localhost:8080/panopticon/server/rest/media/excel?workbook=How+To+Actions&width=512&height=384

q  Set Excel table style

·         Syntax: http://[server]/[path]/server/rest/media/excel?workbook={Workbook name}&style={Style}

·         Example: http://localhost:8080/panopticon/server/rest/media/excel?workbook=How+To+Actions&style=TableStyleMedium6


Possible Excel Table Styles

q  TableStyleLight1– TableStyleLight21

q  TableStyleMedium1 – TableStyleMedium28

q  TableStyleDark1 – TableStyleDark11


Dashboard Parameters

The Excel workbook can be generated based on the workbook data table parameters. The parameter and its values can be specified to determine the context of the generated Excel workbook.

Syntax: http://[server]/[path]/server/rest/media/excel?workbook={Workbook name}&{dashboardParameterName1=value1}&{dashboardParameterName2=value2}

Adding Region=Europe  and Industry=Financials  parameters

Example:  http://localhost:8080/panopticon/server/rest/media/excel?workbook=How+To+Actions&Region=Europe&Industry=Financials

Adding Region=Asia Pacific, or Region=Europe  and Industry= Financials  parameters produces an Excel workbook that is focused on Asia Pacific & European Financials.  In this case the Region parameter is repeated for each of the supplied regions.

Example: http://localhost:8080/panopticon/server/rest/media/excel?workbook=How+To+Actions&Region=Asia+Pacific&Region=Europe&Industry=Financials