Altair® Panopticon


Server Logging

Logging occurs both:

q  Within the platform

q  In the underlying web / application server

q  In the underlying OS

Panopticon Real Time logs are written to the Tomcat logs folder.


The logging level can be set from:

q  Error – Only Errors are logged (the Default)

q  Info – Operational logging is enabled including logging of data queries.

q  Finest – All possible debugging logging is enabled.


Typically, when support issues are raised the user is requested to change the logging level to INFO, which additionally records:

 Data Plugin (Visualization and Data Connector) Initialization

q  Data Cache Initialization

q  Data Subscriptions

q  Data Queries including:

·         Database connection settings

·         Database SQL query

·         Number of rows & columns retrieved, and response time


Data query logging capabilities are specific to each data connector, with the most detailed logging available for the Database and kdb+ connectors.

Panopticon Real Time logging and auditing capabilities include Java JMX counters for usage and load monitoring, and additional logging around secured access to workbooks.