Altair® Panopticon


Server Monitoring

 Panopticon Real Time publishes the following JMX counters:

q  ServerDataRequestCount

q  ActiveDataRequestCount

q  InfoMessageCount

q  ErrorMessageCount

q  ActiveRealtimeSubscriptionCount

q  LoadedWorkbooksCount

q  MemoryStoreObjectCount

q  ObjectCount


These can be accessed through any JMX monitoring toolset, such as Jconsole from the Java Development Kit (JDK).

As a basic configuration:

1.     Download and install Java Development Kit (JDK)

2.     Add the following parameters to your Tomcat:




3.     Open Jconsole. The jconsole executable can be found in JDK_HOME/bin, where JDK_HOME  is the directory in which the Java Development Kit (JDK) is installed.

4.     When the connection dialog opens, you are also given the option of connecting to a remote process.

·         -Host name: name of the machine on which the Java VM is running.

·         -Port number: the JMX agent port number you specified when you started the Java VM (e.g., 8855)