Altair® Panopticon


Set Client Automatic Reconnection to the Server when Disconnected

When the client loses connection to the server, by default, it will no longer attempt to automatically reconnect to the server.

A notification message displays such as below. Clicking the Reconnect link will attempt to reconnect to the server.


The AppData folder of Panopticon Real Time has a subfolder named JavaScriptConfiguration which contains the file named workbook.json.

Below is an example default content of a \JavaScriptConfiguration\workbook.json file:


  "baseUrl" : "..",

  "forceClientSelectionHandling" : true,

  "startUrl" : "../",

  "subscriptionCompression" : true,

  "dataLoading" : {

    "transport" : "websocket"


  "webGlEnabled" : true,

  "pdfMultiplePagesEnabled" : true



To set automatic reconnection to the server, add the following parameter in the JavaScriptConfiguration\workbook.json file:

"automaticReconnectOnServerDisconnect" : true,



After each change in the workbook.json file, the Panopticon application must be restarted.



A notification message displays such as below. Connection to server lost: attempting to reconnect…