Altair® Panopticon


R Integration

To enable R connectivity:

1.     Download R, install it, and the R Console ( )

2.     Open the R Console.

3.     Install Rserve using the following command from within the R Console:


4.     Initiatiate the Rserve library using the following command:


5.     Run Rserve by executing the following command:



Only steps 2, 4 & 5 need to be repeated when R connectivity is required.




Connectivity by default is over Port 6311.



To enable authentication across the Rserve TCP/IP link

q  create a password file (pwdfile.pwd)

Each line of the file should have the user and then the password.


user1 password1

user2 password2

q  Create a configuration file with following parameters (rconfig.conf)

auth required

pwdfile [path of password file]   


remote enable

auth required

port 6311

pwdfile C:\\RIntegration\\pwdfile.pwd

q  load the created configuration file (the default Rserve configuration file is still loaded, but its settings have lower priority) and run Rserve:

Rserve(args="--RS-conf [path of configuration file]")


Rserve(args="--RS-conf C:\\RIntegration\\rconfig.conf")