Altair® Panopticon


Load Custom Data Plugins

Panopticon Real Time will load a file named Plugins.xml during startup. The file contains class names of all the data plugins that will be loaded and applied to the server. However, the Plugins.xml file can be replaced in case the user wants to have a custom setup and load their own plugins or if they want to disable certain data plugins from being loaded. This is achieved by creating a new plugins.xml  file and placing it in the AppData folder (e.g., c:\vizserverdata).

The original plugins.xml file is always distributed with the panopticon.war file. From the .war  file, copy the plugins.xml  file from the root folder to your AppData (i.e., c:\vizserverdata) folder. Then open plugins.xml and add or remove items to either enable or disable certain plugins.


New data plugins are constantly being developed and distributed. Therefore, it is recommended that you revisit the shipped plugins.xml file after each release if you have replaced the default plugins.xml  file.