Altair® Panopticon


Font Installation Requirement for PDFs and Image export with CJK Characters

When creating PDF reports or exporting images from workbooks that contain text in Chinese, Japanese or Korean (CJK), a font with CJK support is required. The font must be installed on the server operating system. Refer to your operating system documentation on how to install a new font.

The PDF and image export functionalities in Panopticon will use the font specified in the workbook Theme. While used in the browser, the workbooks and dashboards will get the suitable font by the browser if a font with CJK support is needed.

When creating a PDF or an image, the browser is not involved since it happens on the server-side, and correct characters depend on the availability of a font with CJK support on the local system of the server, plus the specification of that font (e.g., Yu Gothic), in the workbook Theme. For the list of CJK-supporting fonts, you may refer to