Altair® Panopticon


Setting Server Properties Through the Environment Variables


Server properties set in the file in the AppData folder (i.e., c:\vizserverdata) are overridden by environment variables.

For example, you can supply a JSON object through the environment variable SPRING_APPLICATION_JSON that will be parsed during server start up:


      "": "Test_Server",

      "subscription": {

            "data.loading.pool.max.size": "5",

            "broadcasting.pool.max.size": "6"




Ensure that you minify the JSON object before setting the environment variable.



This will override and set the following property values:


As seen from the example above, you can use inline JSON annotations for properties that share the same prefix, which in this case is subscription.

To override a single property, create an environment variable with the same name, but replace each '.' with an '_' and use upper case.

Example: Override the property


Value: <some value>

You can also override individual properties with environment variables. Just set a variable with the same name as the property but with all letters in upper case and periods replaced with underscores. For example, REPOSITORY_STARTUP_IMPORT_PATHS will override the repository.startup.import.paths in