Altair® Panopticon


Saving an Application

Saved applications (.app) are available in the PanopticonAppdata\CEP\Applications folder (i.e., c:\streamsserverdata\CEP\Applications).


1.     In the Application page, you can either click:

·         the Save   icon

·         the  icon. The context menu displays with three saving options:

¨         Save

Click to save the changes made in the application.

¨         Save as Copy

Click to make a duplicate of the application. The original name is appended with _Copy.

To change the Application Name, click on it to make it editable, then enter a new one and click .


The Name or ID must start with a letter (a to Z) or underscore. Also, it can only contain letters (a to Z), numbers (0 to 9), and underscores.



¨         Revert to Saved

Click to revert to the previously-saved application settings.



·         After saving, you can start the execution of the application. You can do this either in the Application page or on the Applications tab.

·         When saving an application, the color will indicate the status of the nodes:

o  Black – no issue

o     Yellow – no traffic on the topic

o     Red – there are definition issues. Refer to Validating and Fixing Application Issues for more information.