Altair® Panopticon


Setting Up Confluent Kafka Enterprise on a Local Machine Using Docker


1.     Install a Git client from the Git downloads page:

2.     Install the Docker.

Details on how to set up a Docker Desktop for Windows can be found here:


When setting up the Docker, make sure you select Linux containers, regardless of the Docker host operating system.



3.     Increase the Docker engine memory by right-clicking on the Whale in the system tray, then clicking Advanced and setting the value to 8GB.


Click Apply & Restart.


4.     On the command prompt, get the Docker images from Confluent by running:

git clone

cd cp-docker-images

git checkout 5.2.1-post

cd examples/cp-all-in-one/


Optional: Copy the cp-all-in-one  folder to a convenient place, such as next to the Panopticon Streams folder.

5.     Fire up the Confluent platform and start all of the services by running this command inside the ../examples/cp-all-in-one folder.

For example:

$ docker-compose up -d –-build



For more info on useful commands, run either docker-compose

–-help  or docker system –-help  on the command prompt in the cp-all-in-one folder.



6.     To verify that the services have started, run docker-compose ps,  and make sure they are all up and running.

Once the Confluent Kafka Enterprise services are running, start Tomcat and Panopticon Streams to execute and deploy your applications.