Altair® Panopticon


Creating Cassandra Input Data Source

The Apache Cassandra connector allows connection to Apache and Datastax Cassandra instances, by executing a pre-defined CQL query, and retrieving the resulting data.


1.     On the New Data Extract page, select Cassandra in the Connector drop-down list.


2.     Enter the following information:




Apache Cassandra host address.


Apache Cassandra host port. Default is 9042.


Namespace that defines data replication in nodes.

User Id

The username used to connect to the Apache Cassandra service.


The password used to connect to the Apache Cassandra service.


3.     Select whether the parameters should be automatically enclosed in quotes, by checking the Enclose parameters in quotes box.

4.     Enter the CQL Query, which can contain parameters in a similar manner to the database connector.

5.     The time zone of input parameters and output data is by default, unchanged. Changing the time zone is supported by using the Show in Timezone drop-down list box based on the assumption that data are stored in UTC time and outputs are presented in the selected time zone.

6.     Click . The new data source is added in the Data Sources panel.