Altair® Panopticon




In the Panopticon documentation, HyperWorks Units (HWU) and Hosted HyperWorks Units (HHWU) are now named Altair Units and Hosted Altair Units, respectively.

In the Panopticon product, these license types are still named HyperWorks Units and Hosted HyperWorks Units.

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Licensing within Panopticon Streams supports three license types:

 a volume-based XML file (named PanopticonLicense.xml), which is used to store all license information for a specific customer, must be copied to the designated AppData folder (i.e., c:\streamsserverdata)


Starting with 21.2, the newly issued volume-based license file is named PanopticonLicense.xml. For customers with the DatawatchLicense.xml file, it can still be used but it is strongly recommended to rename it to PanopticonLicense.xml.



q  Altair Units license which is available in the Altair License Server you are connected to (local or over the network)

q  Hosted Altair Units license

The license file type you will use is delivered separately from the installation packages.