Altair® Panopticon


Viewing and Managing Kafka Properties

The user-defined  file contains properties for controlling the Kafka configurations in Panopticon Streams.

Below is a sample properties file:


When Panopticon Streams server is started, it checks the AppData folder for the  file and loads the properties in the Kafka Properties box.


However, if the file is not available, the Kafka Properties box will display a blank Kafka Properties box:

If you opt to copy the  file to a different location, open the  file and set the attribute  to the value of the file path along with the Kafka properties file name. For example:\kafkafile\


·         The values in the Kafka Properties box is not editable on the System tab. Changes can be made in the actual  file. To reload the properties on the System tab, click Reload Configuration.

·         The file supports any Kafka configurations available on their documentation

·         The configurations made in the  will supersede any of the Kafka-related properties in the file

·         Some of the configurations in the  file can be overridden by the settings made in Panopticon Streams applications