Altair® Panopticon


Panopticon Streams Operators

An operator is a single task responsible for processing the data and publishing it as an output. Currently,  Panopticon Streams supports the following operators:

q  Aggregation

q  Branch

q  Calculation

q  Conflate

q  External Input

q  Filter

q  Input

q  Join

q  Metronome

q  Rank

q  Rekey

q  Scatter

q  To_stream

q  Output

q  Union

q  Python Transform

q  REST Transform

q  R Transform

Each operator produces one or more output streams that can be connected and defined as input streams for other operators.


Panopticon Streams Inputs

Panopticon Streams engine allows the combination of multiple data sources and their definition as input channels. The data sources are referred to within Panopticon Streams as inputs. The data produced by each input can be processed by one or more operators.


Panopticon Streams Outputs

An output produces and publishes streams towards a Kafka topic or a data consumer. A data consumer is the opposite of a data producer. It consumes the data produced from an output in Panopticon Streams and publishes the data to a data source.

The most common approach is to publish the data to a Kafka topic which eventually can be consumed or used by Panopticon Real Time, or other platforms that support Kafka.

Currently, Panopticon Streams supports publishing of the output data to the following data sources:

q  Email

q  InfluxDB

q  JDBC Databases

q  Apache Kafka

q  Kx kdb+

q  Rest

q  Text