Altair® Panopticon


Viewing Application History and Republishing

A user with either an Administrator or Designer role can also perform the following:

q  View the change history of applications

q  Republish an archived application to the recent version of Panopticon Streams Server

q  Rename an archived application


1.     On the Applications tab, right-click on an application and select History on the context menu.

The <Application Name> - History dialog displays:

Sort the archival list either through the Date Archived or Archived By by clicking on the  or  button.

Also, move to the other pages of the list by clicking on a page or clicking the  or  button.

2.     You may opt to rename an archived application by entering a new one in the New Name box.

3.     Click on an archived application in the list.

Then click . A notification message displays.

4.     Click .

A confirmation message displays.