Altair® Panopticon


Using the Data Source Toolbar


Several data sources have a toolbar:


Click on any of the following icons:



A new column entry displays. Enter or select the following properties:

·         Source

The column name of the source schema.

·         Target

The column name of the target schema.

·         Type

The data type of the column. Can be a Text, Numeric, or Time.

Check the topmost  to select all data source column entries.

Check the  of a data source entry or check the topmost  to select all column entries and click  to delete.

Allows you to select an output topic in the drop-down list.


Click OK. The schema of the selected output topic is displayed.

Tests if the connection to the output connector is successful.

If successful, a confirmation message displays.

Click OK.

Otherwise, an error prompt displays.

Click Close and fix the connection error.