Altair® Panopticon


Time Combination Graph

The Time Combination Graph combines a series of time series visualizations as individual layers of the total display.  As a consequence, more complex time series visualizations can be built from the “base” visuals.

Each visual can be assigned to either the left or right Y axes, allowing multiple scales to be represented.

For example, the following visualization includes:

q  Candle Stick Graph – Showing the distribution of prices (OHLC)

q  Line Graphs – Showing moving averages of the closing price

 Bar Graph – Showing traded volume across the period

q  Spread Graph – Showing a price band across the period.


Each of the visuals has a defined “Z” order, which in this case places from back to front:

Spread, Bar, Candle Stick, Line


Figure 4-1. A time combination graph.