Altair® Panopticon


Network Graph

A Network Graph displays relationships between entities and can be used to identify correlations or flows between items.

The Network graph supports a two-level breakdown defining the “From”, and “To”, where each node (vertex / point), is either in the “From”, or “To” levels of the breakdown, and each edge (or line), represents the data specific to this “From à To” relationship.

The size of the node is specific to the number of interactions / relationships it has with other nodes.  There can be up to two lines connecting two nodes, which can display arrows to show direction; and represent the “From à To” combinations.  E.g. A à B, and B à A.  Each line can also be colored to map to a numeric variable.

Customers use network graphs for investigating correlations, transactional flows, latency, and throughput bottlenecks.



Figure 3-35. A Network Graph displaying clusters/groups and utilizing color and size.