Altair SmartWorks Analytics


Changing Column Formats/Types

The Change Type operation is found within the Column Changes node and allows you to change the data type of a field. You can change the case of a text field as you wish. Moreover, when converting a field type to numeric or date/time, you can specify a numeric and date/time format if you wish. This operation is applicable to fields of all data types.


  • An Execution Profile with an active session linked to the workflow

  • A Column Change node connected to a Data Frame node



  1. Configure the Column Changes node by double-clicking on the node or using the Open option provided in the node menu.

  2. The table displays in the Node Viewer.

  3. In the Configuration tab, select a column with a data type you wish to change and then click on the Change Type tab in the Column Changes menu.

  4. Select a new data type to apply to the column:

    • Text

    • Numeric

    • Boolean

    • Date/Time

  5. Your may further format a text field by changing its case as follows:

    • Upper case

    • lower case

    • Proper case

    • Sentence case

  6. You may further format numeric fields as follows:

    • General

    • Currency

    • Percent

    • Financial

    • Scientific

  7. You may further format date/time fields as follows:

    • General

    • Short Date

    • Long Date

    • Short Time

    • Long Time

    • Short Date and Time

    • Long Date and Time

    • Short Date and Long Time

    • Long Date and Short Time

    • Custom

  8. Text columns can be converted into date/time with the following formats:

    • Month/Day/Year

    • Day/Month/Year

    • Year/Month/Day

    • Month-Day-Year

    • Day-Month-Year

    • Year-Month-Day

    • Month/Day/Year Time

    • Day/Month/Year Time

    • Year/Month/Day Time

    • Custom

  9. To check the code that will be executed for your specified Column Changes configuration, save your specifications and then click on the Code tab of the Column Changes Node Viewer. You can also use the tab that displays to refine the code further.


  11. To complete the Column Changes node configuration, press Save. To cancel your changes and return to the Workflow Canvas, press Discard or simply close the Column Changes Node Viewer.