Altair SmartWorks Analytics


The Monarch Data Prep Studio Node

The Monarch Data Prep Studio Node is a desktop virtualization plugin for SmartWorks Analytics that allows remote access to a desktop installation of Monarch Data Prep Studio. 

This node can be accessed through the Connect group of the Nodes tab of the Palette.


The Monarch Data Prep Studio application may also be launched by clicking on its icon in the SmartWorks Analytics sidebar.


While the example described in this help page refers specifically to CSV files, Monarch Data Prep Studio can work with multiple file types, such as Microsoft Excel, PDF, HTML, report files, and various databases. If you wish to work with any of the files you have uploaded to the SmartWorks Analytics Library in Monarch Data Prep Studio, you may do so by following the steps outlined below. However, only exports from Monarch Data Prep Studio to delimited text (e.g., CSV) files can be used in SmartWorks Analytics workflows.


  • An Execution Profile with an active session linked to the workflow.


  1. From the Connect group of the Nodes tab, drag and drop the Monarch Data Prep Studio plugin node to the Workflow Canvas. 

  2. Configure the Monarch Data Prep Studio node by double-clicking on the node or using the Open option provided in the node menu. 


  4. In the Configuration page, specify a username and password to login to Monarch Data Prep Studio. Tick the Save user credentials box to avoid being asked for the same credentials in a later session. Click Login to start the remote Monarch Data Prep Studio session.


  6. For ease of use, you can view and work on the Monarch Data Prep Studio plugin in full-screen mode by expanding the Session Configuration window, right-clicking on the Go fullscreen link at the left-hand panel of the node configuration, and then selecting Open link in new tab or Open link in new window.


    The plugin displays in full-screen mode in another tab or window, and the screen from which the plugin node was launched is updated as follows.


    Refreshing the original browser tab returns the node to this tab.


  8. CSV files may be imported from the SmartWorks Analytics library to Monarch Data Prep Studio for data prep operations. Click Open Data > PDF & Text > Get Data.


  10. Files uploaded to the SmartWorks Analytics library are available in Altair Library (D:).


    In the file explorer that displays, go to the Altair Library (D:) and then select and open the file to import.


    The CSV file is imported to Monarch Data Prep Studio and can be prepped as usual.

  12. When you have completed your data prep operations, export the table back to the Altair Library D: drive.


    When the export operation has been completed, the exported file is added to the SmartWorks Analytics library and can be used in workflows.



Copying and Pasting Text into Monarch Data Prep Studio

The steps below describe how to copy and paste text into a Monarch Data Prep Studio session regardless of the browser used.


  1. Right-click to open session in full screen mode.

  2. Use ctrl + C or cmd + C to copy from your computer.

  3. Use Crtl + V or cmd + V to paste.

  4. Alternatively, open the clipboard for the session with Ctrl + Alt + Shift, and then copy and paste using Steps 2-3 above.