Altair SmartWorks Analytics


Top-Level Applications

The sidebar of SmartWorks Analytics features four top-line applications: Monarch Data Prep Studio, Knowledge Studio, MLOps, and Node Plugin Builder.


Clicking once on these icons launches the corresponding application without the need to create a new workflow for it.

Right-clicking on these applications displays a context menu that will allow you to open the application or specify settings.


Selecting Settings opens a page that will allow you to choose which execution profile to connect your session to.


Note that a suitable execution profile with the correct engine and internal connections is necessary to run these applications. Otherwise, the application cannot load and the following messages display:

For Monarch Data Prep Studio and Knowledge Studio:


For MLOps:


The execution profile will be automatically linked to each application based on the type of profile the latter requires. Monarch Data Prep Studio and Knowledge Studio will connect to the Desktop engine, while MLOps will connect to the Pandas engine with valid MFlow and Seldon internal connections.