Altair SmartWorks Analytics


Variable Summary Statistics

You can view variable summary statistics by double-clicking on the result of a dataframe. Alternatively, you can select the dataframe, click ..., and then select Open from the options that display.


The variable statistics of the data frame display.


Column Metrics show standard statistics for an individual column. The statistics automatically refresh depending on which column is selected from the list of columns available in the Variable Information panel. These include the following statistics:

  • Data Type

  • Number of Non-Null Values

  • Number of Unique Values

  • % of Null Values

  • Minimum

  • Maximum

  • Sum

  • Median

  • Average

  • Standard Deviation

  • Variance

  • Top 5

  • Bottom 5


The Chart section displays a histogram for any individual column selected from Variable Information panel. Hovering the mouse over a bin will display the number of records in each bin, as well as the bin ranges in the case of numeric columns. The display range of bins for each chart can be adjusted using the slider as highlighted below: