Altair SmartWorks Analytics



The user interface of an open workflow is divided into two tabs: Worfklow Canvas and Workflow Execution Log.

Workflow Canvas

The Workflow Canvas is displayed by default each time a workflow is opened from the SmartWorks Analytics Library.


It provides a visual representation of the workflows you have created. Multiple workflows may be added to a single canvas.

You can zoom into the contents of the Workflow Canvas but using the scroll wheel of your mouse or clicking the Zoom In or Zoom Out icons provided in the Canvas.

You can also fit all of the contents of the Canvas in the current view by selecting the Fit to View icon.

Workflow Execution Log

The Workflow Execution Log displays the results of any process run in a workflow.


This report includes:

  • the node type run

  • the node name

  • the status of the process

  • the time the process was submitted for execution

  • the start time of the process

  • the end time of the process

  • the waiting duration of the process

  • the running duration of the process

  • the engine used to run the process

  • the execution profile used

  • the session ID

  • the user who ran the process