When do I need to install a C/C++ compiler?

Activate comes with and installs a default compiler, TCC, which is applicable for simple use cases such as compiling a C Custom block.

For more complex use cases, such as those involving Modelica blocks and the creation of an FMU, the installation of a C/C++ compiler is required.

How do I check if a C/C++ compiler is installed?

To view the compiler installed on your system, from the OML command window, enter vssGetCompilerName()

If you do not have a C/C++ compiler installed, you may get the error message: Unsupported Visual C++ Target Option

During some use cases, for example, simulation of Modelica models or FMI import or export, the software issues an error if unable to detect a C++ compiler installed on the system. To correct the error, install a supported Microsoft Visual Studio C++ compiler.

How do I select a C/C++ compiler?

You don’t select the compiler. Activate has a mechanism to search and find any of the installed, supported compilers. If multiple compilers are installed, Activate applies the one with the highest version number.

What compiler is required for models that include Modelica and Activate blocks?

See the list of supported compilers for Windows and Linux in the System Requirements.