History Form

The History form shows all of the history for local/remote jobs.

For remote jobs submitted with Maintain SSH connection set to no, additional details, like remote machine name, JobID and Status will be available.

Figure 1.

Job Status

Job completed running on the remote machine.
Job is running on the remote machine.
Job is queued on PBS (applies only for PBS submission).
Job exited with non-zero exit status on the remote machine (applies only for Linux submission).
Job is not submitted to remote machine, an error occurred with preparing the job for remote submission (examples: SSH connection, copying input files).


Jobs queuing is only for local jobs. For remote jobs, all jobs are submitted immediately, no scheduling is done from the ACC side. If the server is PBS, PBS will handle the scheduling and it is safe to submit numerous jobs at one time. If the server is Linux, the scheduling should be handled by you.