Units Conversion

The quantities in the .spd, .gbs and .opt files are units dependent. In order to provide the greatest generality, MIT supports units conversion.

Units conversion is necessary for two scenarios:
  • The units in which the experimental measurements are performed are different from the units in the initial .gbs and .opt files.

    The CAE model is not using the same set of units as the experiment.

The image below summarizes how MIT manages units conversions:

Figure 1.

MIT first checks to see whether the input .spd and the input .gbs/.opt have the same units. If MIT detects a units mismatch, MIT creates a new version of the initial .gbs and .opt files that have the same units as the .spd file. The Fitting Tool then operates in the units of the .spd file and generates an output .spd file using the same units as the input .spd file. The Fitting Tool also generates an internal fitted .gbs file. This .gbs file uses the same units as the .spd file.

During the .gbs export operation, you have the option of specifying a set of units for the output .gbs file. If these units are different from the ones in the input .spd file, MIT converts the internally generated output .gbs file to the desired set of units, and then writes out the file.