Define Interpolated Motion

Use the Interpolated tool to interpolate direct mesh movement onto surrounding solids/surfaces and update the mesh accordingly.

All nodes falling within the boundaries or solid bodies are interpolated to determine their weighted displacement based on the distance from their surrounding "moving” surfaces.
  1. From the Motion ribbon, click the Interpolated tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Select surfaces and/or solids.
    Use the guide bar selectors to filter which entity type you can select.

    If the Include bounding surfaces option is active, selecting a solid will automatically select all the corresponding bounding surfaces.

  3. From the guide bar, execute the command in the following ways:
    • Click to confirm your selection and remain in the tool.

      This allows you to continue creating instances and helps you visualize and edit instances with the legend.

    • Click to confirm your selection and exit the tool.