Define Participating Media External Boundaries

Use the External Boundary tool to define diffusion and refractive properties of wall surfaces of participating media.

  1. From the Radiation ribbon, click the External Boundary tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Select interface surfaces between participating media model solids and external environments.
    • You can only select wall surfaces of participating media solids which are exposed to external environments (not connected to other participating or non-participating media).
    • If the physics model is not set to P1 or DO, you will not be allowed to select any surfaces.
    • If interface surfaces are not selected, they will be automatically assigned with the default properties set in the Thermal Radiation Physics tool.
  3. In the microdialog, define the diffused fraction, specular ordinate averaging method, refractive index, and external temperature.
  4. From the guide bar, execute the command in the following ways:
    • Click to confirm your selection and remain in the tool.

      This allows you to continue creating instances and helps you visualize and edit instances with the legend.

    • Click to confirm your selection and exit the tool.