Define Connector Controls

Use the Control Manager to create and edit the various types of controls that will be used later when realizing connectors.

  1. From the Connectors ribbon, click the Controls tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Optional: At the top of the dialog, click to open an .hm binary file that contains saved connector controls, or click load in an FE_Config file.
  3. Use the tabs below to cycle between controls for each group (Point, Fastener, Line, Area, Attachments, Connect Attachments, and Elines).
  4. Right-click and select Create then edit the following.
    Describes the realization in terms of its real-life representation, such as a resistant spot weld or a self-piercing rivet.
    The Finite Element realization that is representing the engineering entity.
    Engineering Name
    A mechanism to organise by a defined set or categories outlined by the xMCF (χMCF) format.
    Tip: Right-click on a control to duplicate or delete it.
  5. Select a control then use the right side of the dialog to manage how the control will be realized.

    Multiple controls can be selected and edited simultaneously. The parameter list will be filtered, leaving only the common fields available to edit.

  6. Optional: At the top of the dialog, click to save the defined controls to your active folder, or click to save the controls to a folder of your choice.
  7. Click OK.