Translate and Rotate

Use the Move tool to translate and rotate selected .

  1. From the Home tools, click the Move tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Select to move.
    The Move tool is placed the center of selected .
  3. Click a graphical manipulator then do one of the following:
    • Drag the graphical manipulator to translate or rotate in the selected direction(s).
    • Enter a precise value in the microdialog and press Enter.
    To Do This
    Translate along an axis Click the X, Y, or Z arrow.
    Figure 2.
    Translate along a plane Click the XY, XZ, or YX plane square.
    Figure 3.
    Translate freely in 3D space Click the origin of the Move tool.
    Figure 4.
    Tip: Use the icons in the microdialog to align the tool to a part or the global axes.
    Rotate around an axis Click a curved arrow.
    Figure 5.
    Rotate freely Click at the tip of the X, Y, or Z arrow and drag.
    Figure 6.