Rebuild Mesh

streamlines the process of remeshing existing meshes to generate a new mesh with good quality and flow. The rebuild mesh functionality utilizes the same parameter and criteria files used by BatchMesher to define the quality criteria and relevant mesh parameters. This algorithm saves significant time over the traditional automesh and quality correction approach.

The rebuild algorithm is useful for many different application.
  • Remesh to adjust size, quality, and flow.

    Figure 1. Before

    Figure 2. After
  • Change to a different element type.

    Figure 3. Before

    Figure 4. After
  • Add or remove washer layers around holes, change the nodal density of a hole, adjust a hole diameter, or remove a hole.

    Figure 5. Before

    Figure 6. After
  • Locally correct areas with bad mesh flow.

    Figure 7. Before

    Figure 8. After

Rebuild is currently supported for first-order FE meshes that are not associated with geometry or attached to 3D element faces. 1D features (plot elements) are important for defining the mesh topology. These features are utilized as vertices, edges and faces, in a similar way to geometry, during the rebuild operation. Such features are generated automatically by the or can be manually created. If 1D features are not defined on the mesh, they will be automatically generated internally.