XY Plot

In HyperGraph 2D, set the active window to XY Plot mode, , to display the XY Plot toolbar.

Use the following panels to plot XY data:
Icon Panel Description
Build Plots Construct fully annotated plots from a data file.
Plot Macros Apply macros - to existing curves.
Define Curves Edit individual curves. The Define Curves panel also provides access to the curve calculator.
Datum Lines Add horizontal and vertical datum lines - to plots.
Modify Curves Modify curve data for a plot.
Curve Attributes Customize the appearance of each curve for clear data presentation. Modify line style and color, symbol style and color, and other curve attributes.
Coordinate Info Retrieve individual point data such as the point index, XY coordinates, and estimated slope.
Statistics Calculate plot statistics such as minimum, maximum, mean, and standard deviation.
Scales, Offsets, and Axis Assignments Set curve offsets and scales. Apply offset and scaling values to multiple curves on a single plot.
Axes Define xis attributes such as the scale, label, color, and number of tics.
Legends Display, position, and define legends.
Headers and Footers Define plot headers and footers.
Notes Add notes to plots to annotate your data.
Options Set plotting options such as using even cycles when fitting log axes and the default dynamic range.