Create Multiple Query Surfaces Simultaneously from Order Lines

  1. From the HyperGraph 3D Data Query panel, click Add n… under the Cut list.
  2. Enter a list of orders separated by commas or spaces in the Order list= field. Use an underscore, _, to specify a range.
  3. Enter a p#w#c#.vector vector reference in the Input vector = field or, while holding down the Shift key, left-click on a curve in HyperGraph 3D to automatically insert that curve’s magnitude reference.
  4. Or, use the curve selector.
    1. Click the curve selection button in the Response text box to display the Curves dialog.
    2. Choose a curve from the Curve tree and click Select.
    3. You can also click Preview to view the curve in the Preview dialog before selecting it.
    4. Click Close to close the Curve dialog.
  5. The Time vector = field is automatically filled in. However, this can be changed. See Step 3 on selecting curves.
  6. Click OK to create a cut for each specified order.