Interfacing with Abaqus

This section discusses how HyperGraph interfaces with the Abaqus solver.

ODB History Results in the HyperView Plot Window

The Abaqus ODB reader in the HyperView and HyperGraph plot windows reads both field and history results from the Abaqus ODB file. The current release supports Abaqus ODB versions Abaqus 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. The history result names are post-fixed with (Time History). Results without this postfix are field data. Time history results have two components (or columns): Time and Value.

Time is the first column of the result. The value can be time steps, frequency, or mode number, depending on the analysis types. Value is the actual value for the result type. Time data for different result types can be different. It is recommended to use both the Time and Value from the same result type.
Note: .ODB files are not supported on MAC OS.