Export Batch Run

Use the Batch tool to run submission in batch.

Figure 1. Fatigue Analysis Setup
  1. From the Evaluate tool group, click the Run Analysis tool.

    Figure 2.
    The Evaluate dialog opens.
  2. In the Evaluate dialog, click Export.
    Tip: The xml file generated via export can be imported through the File menu to configure the HyperLife Fatigue setup. The import option automatically facilitates:
    • Setup of fatigue context
    • Setup of material context
    • Setup of Load Map context
    A folder containing the xml file is created for the run at Fatigue/runhistory.
  3. Create a batch job.
    1. From the Utilities tool group, click the Batch tool.

      Figure 3.
      The Batch Run dialog opens.
  4. In the Batch Run dialog, click and browse for the previously created xml file.
  5. Click Submit Run.
    A run log file (*.log) containing information about the run setup and status is written to the run folder.
  6. Analyze the log file.
    The log file summarizes the following details from the executed run:
    • Analysis type
    • Events created
    • Materials assigned to part/set
    • Evaluation time