Open Files

Open a file.

The directory where file open/save dialogs are opened is saved from the previous successful dialog operation. For example, if you select a file in C:\my_files, the next time a file dialog is opened, it will open in C:\my_files. There are a few exceptions:
  • If the dialog is associated to a filename entry box, the directory is taken from the path entered in the entry box, instead of using the saved directory.
  • Certain dialogs take you to a directory in the installation where the selection would commonly be made, instead of using the saved directory.
  • If the directory is not valid, the file dialog opens in the application start-in directory.
  1. Do one of the following:
    • From the Home tools, Files tool group, click the Open Model tool.

      Figure 1.
    • From the menu bar, select File > Open > <file type>.
  2. In the Load model and result dialog, browse for and select a model file and a result file.
    If opening a previous session, use the Open File dialog to select an .hlf file.
  3. Click Apply/Open.
The current file is cleared from the memory, and the file you selected opens.
Tip: Quickly open an .h3d file by dragging-and-dropping it from a file browser into the modeling window.