Post-process Abaqus Stress Results

HyperLife displays the following result data available in the result file:
  • Centroid data - the centroid is the integration point or the available value that has already been averaged by the solver (depending on the solver).
  • Integration points or Nodes (depending on the solver) - these results are "element bound", meaning that each is the contribution of the specific element to that node; therefore it is the corner data of that element.

Figure 1.
The Use corner data option in the Contour panel allows you to display color bands by interpolating available corner results within each element. In addition, you can also use the Averaging method drop-down menu to select the result coordinate system to be used to contour the results.

Figure 2.
  • Use corner data - controls if centroidal values or corner data is used for the visualization of values at an element.
  • Averaging method - controls in which way this data (centroidal or corner data) is visualized at the shared element nodes.

Figure 3.

Examples of how the various corner data and averaging options are displayed in HyperLife are displayed below.

Use corner data OFF, Averaging NONE

Figure 4.

Figure 5.

Use corner data OFF, Averaging Simple/Advanced

Figure 6.

Figure 7.

Use corner data ON, Averaging NONE

Figure 8.

Figure 9.

Use corner data ON, Averaging Simple/Advanced

Figure 10.

Figure 11.

See the Contour Panel for Abaqus Results topic for additional information.