Weld Line Naming Conventions

Weld line naming is based on:
  • the connection type
  • the number of connected parts
  • the names of the connected components

For example, a butt weld connecting the components comp1 and comp2 will be named: hlw_B2#comp1#comp2.

Consider this weld name as another example: hlw_T2_CustomName_#Component1#Component2.

  1. The weld line name should always start with hlw_. This is the way HL-WC identifies weld components in the model.
  2. The first letter after hlw_ will refer to the type of the weld (B, O, L and T). For example, hlw_T is a T weld.
  3. The number after the weld type indicates the number of components the weld connects. For example, T2 means that the weld connects two components.
  4. CustomName can be any text given by you.
  5. The final portion of the weld name is the list of components connected by weld. The component names are to be preceded by #. For example, #Component1#Component2#Component3.
Note: These weld names can be renamed from the HyperLife Model Browser or the weld line browser. However, the naming assigned by HL-WC is preferred because it highlights weld-related data (number of components attached to the weld, their names, and the connection type).