Select Entities

  • Select a single entity by left-clicking.

    Figure 1.
  • Select multiple entities simultaneously using window selection.
    • For box, circle, or freehand selection, click-and-drag to draw a selection window.
    • For polyline selection, click-and-drag to draw a line, then release the mouse to create an end point. Continue drawing lines, then left-click the start point, middle-mouse-click, or press Enter to close the selection window.
    Figure 2.
    Tip: You can also click and drag to select multiple entities in a browser.

Window Selection Settings

Change window selection settings from the modeling window right-click context menu.

Figure 3.
  1. Window Select Disabled. Disable window selection. Allows for fast clicking without the risk of dragging a mini window.
  2. Window Shape. Change the shape of the selection window when you drag your mouse.
  3. Intersection. Select entities that intersect the window. Available for elements, lines, and surfaces.
  4. Only Select Visible. Only select visible entities. Available for elements.