Add Plot Identification

After you create a results-based plot, you can add titles, modify the colors used in the legend, and relocate the legend and the descriptor.

  1. Temporary titles can be added to each type of plot by entering a title in the title field in the Contour panel.

    After you enter the title and create the plot, the temporary title is displayed on the upper left side of the screen.

    HyperMesh creates the "descriptor" in order to display the simulation and data type that were used to create the plot. By default, the descriptor is located in the upper left-hand corner of the plot above the legend.

  2. To modify the descriptor, click within the descriptor to access the Title Edit panel, click color to change the color of the text of the descriptor, click font and select the size font you want to use in the descriptor.
    HyperMesh plots a legend if the results-based plot created requires it.
  3. To modify a legend, click within the displayed legend to access the Legend Edit panel.
    Functions on this panel allow you to move the legend to a different location on the screen, change the color of the text in the legend, reverse the colors of the legend, change the font size, and also change the colors used in the legend that correspond to the model.