Create Mesh Quality Report

Create an HTML mesh quality report for the current model or for multiple models.

The standard HyperMesh criteria file is used as input. The mesh quality report summarizes the Quality Index (QI) calculations, along with information on the number of elements that fall into each QI range.

A report consists of:
  • A single summary HTML page that gives a brief summary of several key metrics for all selected models. This page links to pages with detailed information about the mesh quality of each model.
  • A directory containing HTML pages for each model. These pages contain detailed mesh quality information. This page contains a link to the input HyperMesh file as well as the criteria file used.
The HTML files and directory are named based on the input file and the date/time the report was generated.
  1. From the menu bar, click Mesh > Checks > Elements > Quality Report and select:
    • Choose Current Model to create a report for the current model.
    • Choose Multiple Models to create a report for multiple models.
  2. In the Browser for Folder dialog, select the output directory where the report will be located and click OK.
  3. If you are creating a report for multiple Files, in the Select model file(s) dialog, select the database files to generate the report for and click Open.
  4. In the Select criteria file dialog, select a criteria file and click Open.

If you are creating a report for the current model, when the current model is not saved as an .hm file, instead of using the HyperMesh model name in the HTML, the name CurrentModel is used. There is no link from the detailed report to the model file, as one does not exist.

If you are creating a report for multiple models, each HyperMesh file is loaded one at a time into the current HyperMesh session, and the report is generated for each file.
Restriction: HyperMesh files should not contain any special HTML characters like #. This will prevent the HTML links from working properly.