Mesh Types

The mesh type determines the type of elements used to create mesh during automatic meshing.


Enables you to select a Mapped Type for elements on surfaces that can be mapped to simple geometric shapes and a Free Type for elements that cannot easily be mapped to simple shapes to use when creating mesh.


Uses quad elements to create mesh, but inserts tria elements when making density transitions to improve mesh quality.

Figure 1. Mixed


Uses quad elements to create mesh, however if the sum of the element densities around the perimeter of the face or surface is odd then at least one tria element must be created. Adjusting the element densities while meshing interactively can usually eliminate all tria elements.

Figure 2. . The sum of element densities on the perimeter of the lower surface is odd, resulting in a tria as indicated.

Figure 3. . Adjusting the bottom edge density from 11 to 10 makes the sum even and generates all-quads.

Quads Only

Uses a subdividing routine that tends to generate more orthogonal quad elements to create mesh. Tria elements may still used depending on the density settings as with the quads type.

Figure 4. Quads Only


Uses right-angle triangular elements to create mesh.

Figure 5. R-Trias


Uses all tria elements to create mesh.

Figure 6. Trias