Freehand Approach

The Freehand approach involves morphing by moving the nodes directly without the need to create any HyperMesh morphing entities.

You define the nodes which will move, the nodes which will stay fixed, and the affected elements, which manually allows for rapid changes to any mesh. You have great flexibility in how the moving nodes are moved, such as translation, rotation, and projection to geometry as well as using a tool to "sculpt" the mesh into the desired shape. You are also able to turn node manipulations made in any panel, such as scaling or node projection, into morphs using the record subpanel. The freehand approach is an ideal introduction to HyperMorph since it allows morphing without the creation of any HyperMesh morphing entities while employing the concepts of domains and handles. The freehand approach also allows for "customized" morphing, allowing you to do virtually any kind of morphing.