Laplacian Smoothing

Laplacian smoothing can be used in the smoothing of the results of topology optimization.

The laplacian_smoothing statement controls the iteration number of when the Laplacian smoothing will be performed and the feature angle threshold to preserve normal discontinuity at corners.
#general parameters
input_file            surf
output_file           surf.stl
output_code           3
isosurface            1  3  0.300 

#specific parameters
laplacian_smoothing   10  30.000  1
Figure 1. Parameter File for Smoothing Result
Laplacian smoothing creates smooth boundary iso-surface by entering 1 as the 3rd argument of the laplacian_smoothing parameter statement. Comparing Figure 2 and Figure 3, notice that Figure 3 is almost ready for casting.

Figure 2. Fix Boundary of Iso-Surface

Figure 3. Smooth Boundary of Iso-surface
The advantages of the laplacian_smoothing statement in OSSmooth include:
  • The flexibility of controlling the number of smoothing iterations to obtain different degrees of smoothing (possibly a smoothing quality ready for casting). Normally, the iteration number ranges from 5 to 20.
  • Smooth boundary of iso-surface with feature angle constrain are seamlessly incorporated into the smoothing process, which is more challenging in a pure CAD system.