Review Evaluation Time

Inspect task wall-clock times.

Review the time spent in each task within the Evaluation Time tab. Identify bottlenecks in tabular or plot form.

  1. From the Evaluate step, click the Evaluation Time tab.
  2. Use the top channel selector to select the model(s) to review.
  3. Use the bottom channel selector to identify the time categorises for review.
    Option Action
    Write Time spent in the write task.
    Execute Time spent in the execute task.
    Extract Time spent in the extract task.
    Model Total Total time of the write, execute, and extract tasks.
    All Models Total Summation of all Model Totals.
    Note: This category is independent of the selected models.
  4. Switch the view between table and plot by clicking or , located above the Channel selector.

Evaluation Time Settings

Settings to configure the plots and tables displayed in the Evaluation Time tab.

Access settings from the menu that displays when you click (located in the top, right corner of the work area).
Cumulative Rows
Each row entry is a summation of its own wall time and the wall times preceding it with a lower evaluation index.
Plot Time-Unit
Controls the units of time when plotting the wall times.