Modified Extensible Lattice Sequence

A lattice sequence is a quasi-random sequence, or low discrepancy sequence, designed to equally spread out points in a space by minimizing clumps and empty spaces.

This property makes lattice sequences an excellent space filling Stochastic scheme.

Usability Characteristics

  • An efficient sampling method that provides reliable estimates of output statistics using fewer samples than random sampling.
  • A correlation structure can be specified to reflect the correlation existing between random variables. Applying a correlation structure can be costly for a large number of input variables.


In the Specifications step, Settings tab, change method settings.
Parameter Default Range Description
Number of Runs 100 > 0 Number of new designs to be evaluated.
Sequence Offset 1 Integer

0 to 10000

Controlling repeatability of runs depending on the way the sequence of random numbers is generated.
Random (non-repeatable).
Triggers a new sequence of pseudo-random numbers, repeatable if the same number is specified.
Apply User Correlations On Off or On Apply user specified correlations on the data.