Model Conditions

In a multi-model study environment, evaluation of models can be conditional, or the run sequence may be different than the order of model IDs.

For example, execution of Model 2 may be dependent on the existence of a file within the run directory of Model 1. Introducing such conditions prevents unnecessary execution of processes which provides efficiency in utilizing computer resources.

Model conditions can be created as show below.

  1. In the Define Models step, go to Conditions tab.
  2. Click on Add Condition.
    1. In the Label field, enter a name for the condition.
    2. Select the model on which the condition will be applied.
    3. Pick the appropriate condition type.
    There are three types of conditions.
    Condition Type Use Case
    File Exists Execution of the model depends on the existence of a user-specified file.
    Run After This changes the execution order. It runs the model after a user-specified model.
    Ignore Dependencies In HyperStudy, a model is expected to provide an output whether it is a file to be used in another model as input or a simple numerical result indicating the performance of a system. Otherwise, the model is never executed. This option eliminates the output requirement.