Iterations Post Processing

Visualize Optimization scatter history.

Visualize Optimization Scatter History

Visualize the scatter history of an Optimization in the Iterations post processing tab.

  1. From the Post Processing step, click the Iterations tab.
  2. Using the Channel selector, select the data to plot.
    1. Under Iteration History, select the iteration(s) of the Optimization.
      Note: If you select all the iterations of the optimization problem, the complete iteration history will be plotted accordingly, potentially including iterations with a violated constraint.
    2. Under X Axis and Y Axis, select the channels to plot.
      Any two channels can be selected for plotting on the x and y-axis.
      Tip: For the Y Axis, multiple channels can be selected. Display selected data in a single plot or separate plots by switching the Multiplot option between (single plot) and (multiple plots).
  3. Analyze the plot.

Figure 1.