Create Reports

Package reports for data generated during the approach.

  1. In the study Setup, go to the Report step.
  2. Select the type of report to generate.
    Report Type Description
    HyperStudy Data Generates a data report (*.data).
    HyperStudy HTML Generates a HTML report and opens it in your default web browser.
    HyperWorks Session Generates a HyperWorks report (*.mvw) and opens it in HyperWorks Desktop.
    Knowledge Studio Text Generates data compatible with the Altair Knowledge Studio text import node.
    HyperStudy Fit Generates an input file for HyperStudy Fit model (*.pyfit).
    HyperStudy Spreadsheet Generates a spreadsheet report and opens it in Excel.

    In the Excel spreadsheet, click the Trade-Off sheet to perform trade-off studies in Excel, independent of HyperStudy.

    In a Fit Excel report, the Trade-Off 1D tab is a reflection of the corresponding Trade-Off 1D tab within HyperStudy. From the Trade-Off 1D tab in Excel, you can adjust the input variable values on the right-hand side to change the predicted output responses values displayed on the left-hand side.
    Restriction: To use this feature, you must add the HstAddinFit add-in to Excel. To install the Excel Plug-in for HyperStudy Fit engines, go to the <ALTAIR_HOME>\hst\plugins\externals\hstfitaddin\ directory and double-click hstfitaddin_install.vbs. The Excel Plug-in requires access to a valid HyperWorks license for all features to work properly.
  3. Click Create Report.