Reuse Run Data

An Inclusion matrix contains existing data that will be appended into the newly created approach as known data points. This data typically comes from other approaches, such as DOEs or previously run Optimizations.

In a DOE, an inclusion can be used to extend an existing DOE or concatenate data sets.

  1. Go to the Specifications tab of the Specifications step.
  2. In the bottom of the work area, click Add Matrix.
  3. In the Origin column, select the source of the data.
    Imports data from an approach.
    Manual Edit
    Manually imports data from an approach, HyperStudy post-processing file (*.data), and external text file.
    Text File
    Imports data from an external text file. Settings such as location and name are cached in the study file, enabling use in batch mode.
  4. In the Origin Settings column, select the approach containing run data or browse to the text file.
  5. Optional: If Manual Edit is selected in the Origin column, click Edit in the Display column.
  6. Review the imported run data.